Dr John Jackson

Research Interests

Supervisors: Dr Rob Saguero-Gómez, Dr Nick Hawes & Prof Andy Hector

I am a postdoctoral researcher based at the University of Oxford. I’m interested in how wildlife populations are responding to anthropogenic pressure and how we can use demography as tool to predict the resilience of global biodiversity. During my PhD I used a long-term demographic dataset of Asian elephants to explore the drivers of population dynamics in a human-dominated system. In my first postdoc, I investigated how the climate is influencing population changes in the terrestrial mammals. Now my research is moving to the frontline of demography – the monitoring process itself.  In the SalGo team, I am working on predicting and monitoring biodiversity using AI & robotics as part of the RainDrop project. Here, we are developing a set of state-of-the-art tools to autonomously collect the vital demographic data needed to predict the resilience of populations and communities.