Dr John Park

Research Interests

Supervision: Dr Rob Salguero-Gómez (Starting Fall 2021)

I will be a Marie Curie Individual Fellow based at the University of Oxford starting in autumn 2021. Currently, as a PhD candidate in the Wootton Lab at the University of Chicago, I study how life history strategies evolve and diversify under phased-locked environmental oscillations such as seasons or tides. I develop scalable mathematical theory, study variations across natural populations in the field (tidepool copepod Tigriopus californicus), conduct long-term life history selection experiments in the lab, and explore in silico eco-evolutionary dynamics through agent-based modelling. Previously, I trained in life history theory and eco-evolutionary feedback dynamics under Drs. Stephen Stearns and David Post at Yale University for my BS. As a Marie Curie Fellow based in the SalGo Team, I will investigate phenological adaptation of plants at a global scale to reach a deeper understanding of how gradients of seasonality across the planet shape the variations of phenology, and its shifts in response to climate change. To do this, I will expand on my theoretical developments and simultaneously make use of today's big data maturity (e.g. COMPADRE) to improve evolutionary understanding of phenology and forecasting power.