The evolution of and escape from senescence

One of the biggest questions in evolutionary biology is why organisms become more decrepit as they age. We humans certainly do (although our longevity keeps on evolving at a pretty fast pace in developed countries), but most other organisms do not. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms that explain the wide range of ageing trajectories in survival and fertility across the tree of life.

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The SalGo team tackles this question both from a comparative as well as from experimental perspectives. We have developed ecological models that explicitly incorporate trade-offs between various energetic and physiological functions to model the evolution of (and escape from senescence). Equally, we are also incorporating metabolomics, genetics, histological and physiological data to understand the underpinnings of senescence escapists.

Journal of Ecology 2013
SalGo Team members:
  • Connor Bernard
  • Pol Capdevila
  • Jacques Deere
  • Sam Gascoigne
  • Mark Roper
  • Rob Salguero-Gómez


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Selected publications:

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