Dr Man Qi

Research Interests

Supervisors: Dr Rob Salguero-Gómez & Prof Nick Hawes

I have a background in the coastal ecology of dynamics tidal wetlands, and their response to global change – that is, contemporary and historical changes in climate, sea level, invasive species, and anthropogenic activities (i.e. reclamation, tidal restriction, and marsh drainage). I am particularly interested in understanding abiotic effects on interactions among strong interactors such as foundation species and ecosystem engineers in driving spatial patterns and resilience of tidal ecosystems using a combination of field experiments, theoretical and numerical models, and remote sensing techniques.

As a postdoctoral researcher in the SalGo team, I work within an interdisciplinary team of ecologists, robotics engineers, and NGOs to optimise a robot platform capable of long-term autonomous field operation, and develop AI algorithms for automatically extracting ecological measures from sensor data (e.g. RGB, hyperspectral).